Saturday, January 3, 2015


A LOT has changed since my last Blog.  The last time we left off we had no Walls up yet (just the studs) and we were (im)patiently waiting for the Plumbing Inspector to come and give his approval so we COULD MOVE ON.  Providing we passed inspection this time ...

Bob and Sean working on some finishing touches.

Water Test !  Water on the floor was a good thing (so I was told).  It means the Pressure test worked and all SHOULD be set for when the Inspector runs his test.  So now we wait again for his arrival.  Weeks of preparing and stressing and in less than 10 minutes total in the house we hear that ...
We Passed!!

And so ... we could now proceed with finishing all the sheetrock ~ ceiling and walls.  First piece of sheetrock on the ceiling now installed.

And then things started to move a LOT faster . . .

Bob and Ernie (our Supervisor :) working on the sheetrock

 Ooops! An outlet got covered and had to be found behind the sheetrock!

The sheet-rocking, mudding and taping was definitely a Family and Friends event ...

Bob                                                               Glen


Sean and his friend Chase mixing the 'mud' for taping

Ryan was in there somewhere too ~ filling screw holes ~ just missed getting a photo  :(

And then the Texture went on.

All set for the paint.  We went White. I had colors picked out but we haven't settled on cabinets yet (Hickory or painted) so I decided to just go with white walls for now.  This way we can just get in and wall colors can be changed later.  I am so not a white wall person that it looks very strange to me.

Glen sprayed 2 coats on everything and Bob came and put the third coat on for us. (So much for one coat paint)  Last coat went on Dec. 30th.  Just in time to celebrate 3 birthdays and New Years Eve at the house.  I think our little abode is going to be very popular with family and friends ...  

 Sean and Bobs birthday on the 31st
(had to improvise ... didn't get one of Bob with the cake!  :(

Papa's birthday on the 1st

TV set up so the gang can watch the Ball Drop for New Years Eve.

Oh yes ... The Kids and Grandkids brought sleeping bags and an air mattress so they could spend New Years Eve there while Glen and I were vanquished back to the apartment.  What is wrong with that picture?!

Time for a little reprieve for everyone.  We've had a lot of help (and a lot of snow ~ very late coming for this area) so it was time for everyone to have a little fun ...




Uh oh . . . time out from the fun to try and thaw out frozen pipes.  Someone used the outside faucet and then closed it up so the water was unable to drain and so it froze.  Fortunately Glen got it thawed and I doubt it happens again.  :)  (No, it wasn't me!)

 Jessi trying to snow board. ooops!

And then, when you leave your boyfriend Chris's now wet Carharts (work overalls) in the car overnight in single digit temperatures, this is what you get ...


         Chris gallantly took them to the local laundromat (on New Years Day) and unfroze and dried them for her!

               Meanwhile, the kitchen sink managed to get installed amidst all the frivolity  :)
I Love it!

But the rest of the appliances (Oven, Refrigerator, Washer, Dryer, bathroom sink, interior lights)  are still languishing on the back patio (mostly) under tarps, waiting to be rescued.

Hopefully, now that the walls are up and painted, the Electricians will be back this week to finish putting in the rest of the switches, outlets and the lights that we have.

Next weekend ... Floors!
Then the shower.
Then the trim.
And somewhere in there we will be moving in.  

In the meantime, We Wish You a Very Happy New Year 
All the Best in 2015.

Glen and Charleen

P.S.  O.K. Geri . . . was this enough pictures?!  :)