Saturday, November 22, 2014


Plumbing, plumbing, and then more plumbing.  Seems to be the general theme this past few weeks.  The P's ... Plumbing, PVC, Pex, P-traps.  Sounds totally boring doesn't it. (My apologies to all the 'real' plumbers out there).  But, that is what is has been all about.  That red tubing above is Pex for the hot water lines.  Below you can also see the Blue for the cold water.

I wish I could make this more exciting but there is only so much you can do with water lines ...  :/

Of course, we do have Glen doing some contortions trying to get holes drilled through the beams to be able to run the lines ...

And then there is our grandson Ryan who came up for the weekend to help his Papa (note tape measure hanging off his belt :)  He now knows how to drill a perfect 1" hole through a 2 x 4 (amongst other necessary life lessons).  Even though he is laughing on the job at the moment, I will say that when it comes to working, there is no grass that grows under this little guys feet.  He is eager to learn and a hard little worker.  

AND YES, WE HAVE A WORKING TOILET!!  and, for privacy . . .

Remind me NOT to hire whoever this Interior Designer is when the house is finally done!!  ?? (I think I just fired myself off the job!)  :/

Of course, the toilet will have to come out when the Inspector comes back to run a 'Pressure Test' and check the Plumbing installation.  Nothing can be hooked up.  Seems counter-productive to me, but then what do I know.  I never even heard of Pex until a few weeks ago.

Besides the Plumbing, we did make a major leap forward this week when son-in-law Bob came up and finished putting all the insulation up in the ceiling.  Our neighbor, Ernie, (the Supervisor :) came over and helped him.  He was a major help as this is a 14' ceiling and he saved Bob a lot of steps on and off the scaffolding.  He was able to hand up to Bob the pieces of installation.

YES, I said pieces.  The curse of the company that built the shell of the house is still with us. :/  I guess the norm in the industry is to run the beams in the ceiling every 16".  Therefore, insulation comes in 15 1/2" wide rolls.  I don't know what the magic secret is, but you are suppose to just put it up there between the beams AND IT STAYS. :)  But, when Glen went to put the first roll up it fell back down on his head.  Seems this company put the beams every 19 1/2 " or 20 1/2" or 20".  Whatever the flavor of the moment was.  The roof has to hold a 70 Lb. snowload - this will, even with their wacky measurements so they are in the clear.  BUT, it obviously really messes up the installation of the insulation.  Now, the only way to get the insulation to stay up there is to cut it up into little pieces that fit whatever the space is between the beams.  MUCH more time and labor involved.

That should be a smooth line of insulation ...  :/

For some reason we wound up with one roll of white insulation.  Evidently Bob and Ernie needed some stress relief after a day and a half of cutting, itching, scratching and hanging.  When I came up to bring them lunch this is what I saw . . .

'G' for Glen ~ who will now forever be immortalized in the ceiling of our new home. There is even a period after the G (I couldn't get it in the photo).  Perfectionists to the end!  :)

And, just so you don't think we got off easy (??) this time, there was a little snaffu when drilling for the water lines.  FORTUNATELY, these particular electrical wires were NOT hooked up and live yet.  Otherwise, that 'immortalization' of Glen might have had a lot more significance ! :/