Tuesday, September 9, 2014


It is now to the point where our neighbors just shake their heads.  What can you say?  I am sure to the outside world this has had to be pretty funny.  In fact, just yesterday in our travels (more on that further on down) I saw a sign in a little shop that said  "Our family is Gods favorite sitcom."  I'm afraid I'm going to have to beg to differ.  I think his favorite sitcom is right here in Mullan, Idaho and we are living it.  What else could this be?!  I will have to say . . . both of us have had to maintain a sense of humor about all of this (OK, some days thats been darn near impossible BUT we have persevered!)  

So, the leak got fixed.  That was a major worry but Glen was at it first thing the following weekend and it is now as it should be.  

Last we left, the fellows were here working and the promise was that their part would be done by the end of that week.  Phone calls were being returned, we were being kept in the loop, and the fellows were here busy bee-ing it away.  As you can see from the photo below, they did accomplish quite a bit.  But remember, this is just the shell.  It's a 2 week job (supposedly).  Photo below is 8 weeks into the job.  So . . . was the job completed by the end of the week . . .

NOT.   It's a little hard to see in this photo but there is a rough, unfinished edge on the left hand side of the roof.  They ran out of roofing with just inches to go. Yup.  See the seam at the very top of the roof?  That is suppose to have a felt like sealer up underneath it to prevent wind from whipping water back up under neath the seam.  We saw the rolls of felt laying on the pile of building supplies for weeks but 'somehow' it disappeared  (not on to our roof) when the job was done.  Seems like whoever was responsible for putting it on, forgot it.  Then, so we might not notice, evidently took it home with him.  Guess they didn't count on Glen climbing up on the roof to check things out.  : /   What you also can't see is that 2 of the 3 doors are hung crooked.   And on the right hand corner of the house (Behind the huge pile of garbage they are (still) suppose to come remove, the whole corner trim is missing.  

So they worked for 3 days straight (I think that's a record) and then we sat (again) for a week and a half.  Meanwhile, the inside looked like this so we were at least able to start framing the inside walls (well . . . they are the inside outside walls if you get what I mean . . .

Raising a wall . . .

That's Ernie, our neighbor helping Glen raise one of the walls (bathroom to be exact).  That's usually my job but I deferred to Ernie this time.  :)  We affectionately call him the Supervisor because he usually comes over to check things out when there is any action going on.   We have another neighbor, Richard, who calls himself the 'Wanna be Supervisor'  :)  Quite honestly, if both of these guys weren't retired and were on the job, the house probably would have been up weeks ago!

We also continued with projects on the outside.  The property came with an old patio and sidewalk ~ remains of the once used to be home that was there.  The patio got more than it's fair share of use this summer with all of our company but we knew it was going to have to go.  It was just in the wrong place for our new home.  We weren't going to tackle removing it until next year but, because we had to dig out so much to get the ground level for the house, we decided to take it out now before winter came and it becomes a big issue next Spring with Snow melt, etc.  (You can see the unfinished edge on the house in this photo)

Back came Scott with his excavator and there went the patio . . .
(it's close to the house, but not as close as it looks ~ the perspective is off. :)  

And the sidewalk . . .  

All in one piece!  

He operates this equipment like my Grandmother picked up a teacup.  Delicately and with such precision it is amazing.

He broke the patio up into smaller pieces (still big, but smaller . . . :) and hopefully you should see how we will be using those pieces later on in the Blog).  But . . . since we have no front stoop we decided to re-use the walk for that purpose.  So he took the walk around the block to the front of the house . . .

This is my husbands sense of humor. : /  As you can see, the ground isn't even level (and it's worse than it even looks!)  The walk is just haphazardly sitting on a pile of rocks and dirt at the moment.  But . . . we have a front stoop!  (Heaven help me please . . .)

Speaking of rocks . . . this was dug up from the Driveway.  Again, a reminder as to why this area is called Boulder Canyon.

Look at the excavator and this will give you an idea of the size of this thing.  It will become part of the landscaping when we are all done.  That's mostly because we don't know what else to do with it!

The Tuesday after Labor Day we were told (again) that the crew would be showing up to tie up all the loose ends and FINISH THEIR PART OF THE JOB.  The cement Crew was also going to show up to put in the Patio thus finishing THEIR PART OF THE JOB.  The Electrician was to show up to connect us to 'real' electricity and get us off 'temporary power'.  The Rock company was going to 'try' and show up to deliver a load of gravel. The plumber was to show up to give us an estimate on hooking us up to the natural gas lines.  The 'Garbage Crew' was to show up and remove all the metal scraps, wood, plastic, etc. etc. left over from the job.  The City Inspector was suppose to show up to sign off on the outer part of the house.

Tuesday was going to be a busy day!

So let's see . . . 
No work crew showed up.
No plumber showed up.
No Rock Company showed up.
No Garbage crew showed up.
The Electrician showed up but he just showed up.  Work re-scheduled for the following week.
The Cement Truck showed up but the cement crew was off on another job (they forgot all about us) so the cement couldn't be poured.  The cement truck left. Someone got to eat 5 1/2 yds of cement and guaranteed it's not going to be us!)

The City Inspector showed up!!

(I told you . . . we couldn't make this up if we tried. )

The rock delivery showed up the next day.
The plumber still hasn't shown up so needless to say he's out of the picture and two new companies are re-scheduled.
The garbage crew still hasn't shown up.
The electrician was to show up today and when I went to check earlier there was a ladder set up inside.  Just the ladder.  ?
The work 'crew' was whittled down to one (1) fellow.  He came out Wednesday night at 5:00 after he finished working on another job.  He was sent alone because he is a Dallas Cowboys fan and the rest of the crew are Seattle Seahawk fans and there was a Seattle game on they wanted to watch.  He got to tie up all the loose ends himself  (Up on the roof, adding the felt trim in the dark, etc)  Three hours to finish what it took them a week and a half to get someone here to do.  I think they may have a time management issue here.

The Cement Crew AND the cement truck all showed up together yesterday (a week later).  The patio is now in and it looks great!  Despite the fact that they forgot us last week I would recommend their work anytime.  They really do a great job.  We've already gotten many compliments on the interior floor they did.

Besides . . . what's one week when the rest of the two-week project is already 9 weeks behind?

We decided to take a much needed break and we gave ourselves two days off from Glens 7 day 'vacation'.  We decided that at this point we are so far behind where we hoped to be that 2 days wasn't going to make much of a difference.  We left Friday morning and headed up to Whitefish, Montana.  We started to go there a year ago for a weeks vacation but our RV brakes went out on us and since it was Labor Day weekend no one was open and available to fix them.  We cancelled our vacation and hobbled home. (Truth)  I have never been there and have always wanted to see the area.  It was a lot of driving for 2 days but it was a great break.  Absolutely beautiful country!  

The Cabinet Mountains

A little action on the tracks in Plains, Montana

The absolute best Pizza we have both had in years at the Glacier Grill and Pizza Restaurant in Coram, Montana.  Hands down.

Thompson Pass, Idaho

Someones long ago dreams

A little basement creativity in Ant Flats, Montana

It looks like a blob of cement but it's actually a smoothly formed rock probably from one of the many Glaciers that came through this area

Home again and full moon over the campfire.  :)

Next weekend it's back to the Lumberyard for more wood so we can start framing the interior interior walls!  :)

See you soon!