Wednesday, July 30, 2014


'This is called a 'Transit'.  This particular one is a $2500. piece of equipment.  It is suppose to tell you if the ground you are measuring is level.  If you remember from the last Blog, we wound up with a  3 1/2' difference from one corner of the house to the other.  (I did suggest we just put in a sunken livingroom but the humor was 'overlooked')  :/

Soooo . . . the next weekend it was back with this transit, the bulldozer, the bobcat, the excavator, the dump-truck, a dump-trailer and son-on-law Bob (oh yes, along with dear friends from Boise who came to visit for the weekend. It was suppose to be a Golf weekend for the boys, but . . . uh, that didn't quite work out . . .)  Bob drove all the excavating equipment  


and kept filling both the truck and trailer with a total of over 20 loads of dirt.  Glen just kept driving back and forth to the dump site and unloading either the truck or trailer, whichever was full.  They worked all day until dark...

and started up again on Sunday morning.  They finished about mid day, satisfied it was close enough to where it should be for the posts to be re-dug.  They were satisfied because the 'Transit' told them so.   Now . . . it still looked off, (I'm just sayin')  but 20 loads of dirt had been removed from the property and the Transit never lies.  


Workers back on Monday to re-dig for posts.  :)  Workers left on Monday without re-digging for posts.  :(

Seems the property was still not level.  Hmmm.  Twenty loads of dirt out and we were still 2 1/2' off.  Their $1500 Transit said our $2500 Transit lied.  Who you gonna believe?  Them.  Cause they are the ones digging the holes, and while they said they would dig the holes if we wanted, the offer came with an ominous 'But we're not guaranteeing anything and you'll wind up paying for it later' warning.  A little sour if you ask me. . . .

S o o o . . .  last weekend, once again, Bob, the Bobcat and the Bulldozer come back.  (Along with Jeff, our grandson Seans friend, who was lured with the promise of being able to try out the jack-hammer they thought they might need to break up some of that foundation Glen found when he went to the lay the water/sewer pipes.  Never had to use it so Bob let him jack-hammer dirt in his yard when they got home :) ) This time Bob and Glen pushed and pulled all the dirt around (what was left) and FINALLY got it to grade.  

Of course, this threw the scheduling for the house to the wind so we are now in limbo-land.  They were going to be here this past Wednesday and then, surprise,  it became next Wednesday.  Supposedly they didn't finish another project when they should have.  Our guess is they slipped a new project in front of ours.  By next Wednesday we will be a month behind where we thought we would be.  It's all about patience.


Since we actually had a free Sunday we decided to take a ride up in the hills behind Mullan.  This is the road (?) we wound up on.  It just kept getting narrower and narrower and . . .  Glen thought there would be a turn around but but no such luck.   It's then called 'backing up the Jeep the last quarter mile you just drove'.  Better him than me.  But then, I would have stopped driving on this road about 10 feet in.  Just sayin'.

Sunset on the way home.

See you soon!  (I hope!)