Friday, July 18, 2014


It's been a while since I've written but the building supplies that were suppose to be delivered July 1st . . . weren't.  They were suppose to be on the back end of a 40' truck that had another delivery in Montana and our supplies were going to be dropped off on the way there.  Unfortunately, the Company did not check our location before they made those arrangements.  The road up to our property is narrow, with several sharp turns and does not smile at 40' trucks.  They had to rethink their strategy and it took them an extra week and a half to do that.  

The Building Supplies.  :)

They had big, deep holes they had to dig for the Building posts.  They didn't want to start that until everything was here.  Delivery finally happened around the 10th and the post hole digging was again scheduled to start the next day.  

They sent a nice young fellow up with an Auger.  The holes are suppose to be approximately 4' deep.  This area we are in is called 'Boulder Canyon' or, as the locals call it 'Boulder Draw'.  The only thing the Auger managed to hit was Glens newly laid (and functioning) water and sewer pipes. That ended the work for that day (and the day after, and the day after, and . . .)  Pipes get fixed and back they come.  This time with a mini excavator ~ much more suitable for digging in this terrain.  But, before they start digging everyone realizes that the pipes are in the way and are only going to get hit again.  Re-measuring is done and the whole house (fortunately just string at this point!) is moved 5' in one direction.  Holes are dug with promises to be back the next day.  

This is not just any hole.  This is the hole with the broken water and sewer pipes.  :(

Three days later  the 'team' (2) shows up to set the posts.  BUT, what hadn't been noticed is the drop-off level of the property.  Yes, everyone could see that the property sloped but what no one realized is when the house was moved the 5' it threw the slope off expotentially and now we had this 3 1/2' difference in the floor level from one side of the house to the other.  Not a good thing.

Glen and helpers will be re`excavating one side of the property this weekend in order to level it off so 'maybe' next week they will REALLY get to start on the actual building.  

In the meantime, we have had more company in the last month than we had in one year over in Wenatchee.  I'm thinking that friends and family are glad we are back  :)  But, remember, we don't have a house yet!  So it has been fun figuring out who is going to stay where.  Tent, Trailer, the one bedroom in the apartment . . . We've had company from Coeur d'Alene, from Newport,Wa., from North Carolina, from North Dakota, from Lewiston, ID (and most of them all came on the same weekend ~ Thirteen people and 5 dogs!)

On the left:  Friends and family around the campfire.   Up at the top that's us at about the 9th hour of the Wallace Blues Festival.  We manged to last about 11 of the 12 hours it went on. :)

On the right:  Tents, Trailers, ATVS, motorcycle and Bikes all on our property.  Our RV is not in the photo.  (This is not a big piece of property by the way . . .)  The drink in the corner is mine!

The Campfire at Night.  We needed something for a Campfire.  In the past Glen has built us some very nice Fire pits but for now we needed something temporary until the house is built and we have a permanent spot.  So, this is our Washing machine tub.  Uh huh.   They certainly don't look like much during the day but at night they just glow with the flames showing through all the holes in the tub.  The owner of the appliance Repair Shop said he can't keep them in stock.

Some Treasures from the property.  During the initial excavation the 'Cap Gun' up at the top was found.  Anyone remember those?  I had one.  I played Annie Oakley with mine . . .
In the mint green and violet trimmed garage that was on the property when we bought it, the other treasures were found up in the attic.  The fellows decided to get up there and see what was what.  Among other things, there were 3 old wooden boxes filled with books where Smokey the Bear was found, the old sled, and that's about a circa 1960 something International Pickup Tailgate.  Believe it or not, I've come up with a use for the Tailgate.  I'm going to let that be a surprise when we get to that point.  :

A Mullan Sunset over the property.

More Company arrives tomorrow from Boise.  They are (very) 'old' Friends.  :)  Hope they bring their work clothes!